Fox Fence is the top fencing company in the Northwest and Portland area. In the business since 1947, we are known for our craftsmanship, quality of service and passion.


There is no other fencing company in the area that can match the topnotch craftsmanship of our fencing solutions. Our fencing technicians are the best and most experienced in their field and will always ensure that you get the best crafted fence for your home, property or livestock. We can deliver custom-made or prefabricated fencing solutions depending on your needs.

Top-notch quality

We provide ourselves in the best quality of the materials that we offer as well as in the quality of installation and repair services that we provide. This is because we only want top-notch quality for the people of Northwest and Portland.


We pride ourselves in the passion that we bring to all of our fencing projects. Passion fuels us in providing only the best and in being only the best!

It’s not all about fencing

Fox Fence NW offers you so much more. Aside from our fencing solutions, we can help you with any of your home needs – whether it is home repair, garage door installation, plumbing, furniture etc. let us know. We are well-connected in the home services industry and we can help you get in touch with the best in the business.

As a family-owned and operated company since 1947, we have years of experience working with different fence types and have the expertise to provide you with the best quality fence possible. For all your fencing needs, just call us. Fox Fence can fence anything!